Dried F&V

Dried Vegetables mean effortless and ready to use cooking, as the food product goes through cutting, slicing, washing and grading process prior to dehydration.Besides saving money and time Vacuum Dried Vegetables have many more advantages like retention of shape, color, aroma, texture, nutritional value, light weight & increased shelf life. More over they are meant to be stored in a cool & dry place and do not require refrigeration.

When you are thinking of Dried fruits it simply means "Fruits Any Time". Drying has the obvious advantage of letting us enjoy our favorite fruit when it is out of season. Since quantity of intake of dehydrated fruit is higher then their natural counterparts, therefore they serve as a very rich source of anti-oxidants, and nutrients. They are a very healthy alternate to junk food, snacks, and traditional Indian sweets.

F&V Powders

We re-engineer the future of food by leveraging on the inefficiencies of the food system, paving way for a more circular economy. We are saving food deliciously. 

We turn F&V into delicious powders, with shelf-life of up to 2 years, and nutrition saved by up to 90%.