Perishable Food B2B Value Chain

Indian Perishables food industry is more supply driven and less demand-driven compared to other markets resulting in seasonal food inflation, significant food waste and value loss along the supply chain. Though demand is becoming more predictable in India given the homogenization of consumption trends, supply is less predictable.

A producer's decision on which product line to focus on is often driven by the ROI trends of that product the previous year. The consumers on the other end are unsure of the quality and the price trends. Advent of hybrid models involving Big Data and Aggregation are essential to transform the current supply chain into a demand-driven one. 

At VEGANZA, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way perishable produce is produced, shipped and consumed by connecting the value chain like never before by creating an inclusive and integrated system, which ensures quality at competitive price. We enable businesses, growers and vendors of perishable goods make informed decisions through a transparent data-driven supply chain.